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Used Hyperbaric Chambers for Sale

Fortius 420


OxyHealth’s largest hyperbaric chamber, the Fortius420® can go up to 3.0 ATA (29 psi) operating pressure and is made of reinforced steel for optimum safety of the patient. This steel hyperbaric chamber sports a 42" diametric interior that can be easily fitted into most clinics, hospitals, and offices. The Fortius420® has mirrored controls both inside and outside the chamber to offer safe functionality. The chamber uses a hood assembly system to deliver 100 percent oxygen at 3.0 ATA pressure. This enables the chamber to stay safe for patients and cost-effective for the physicians.

Vitaeris 320


The Vitaeris320® is one of our largest portable hyperbaric chambers and comes with a 32” diameter, which gives enough room to self-treat two adults at the same time. This portable hyperbaric chamber is quite popular among celebrities, parents, professional athletes, and physicians.

Respiro 270


With a 27” diameter, the Respiro270® hyperbaric chamber from OxyHealth is the perfect combination of comfort and functionality. The chamber is spacious enough for the patient to freely move around. The chamber is however small enough to be fitted into any room.

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